Toolshed Graphx offers a variety of templates to facilitate preparing your files for submission. Simply click through and check out the different templates for the stock sizes we have available. We even offer template based die cutting for your premium print jobs, the dies we have as templates are already discounted from normally accepted prices in the industry. Custom dies are also available as are custom print sizes. click for more Below is a list of general templates for our presses. Download the desired size to serve as a visual guide for your print job. Included in the download file is a *.jpg file set to the size of the document to be printed. The graphic for the flyer should cover the entire template. The edges in red define the safe inner area for printing. Anything outside the white area is subject to being cropped.

All *.jpg files are 300 DPI /CMYK settings. Note: Do not submit sample templates with red border or with red graphic in center. Please do not convert the red border to a white border or else files will print with a white border. Red border is only used as a safety precaution so that your letters will not get cut. If you're not familiar with a graphic editor you may secure design services from Unique Graphics to design and create your flyers for you.


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